We help you control all your data from one place 

We simplify your Budgeting and Forecasting work by bringing it together in one place. This way all users can enter their budget figures the in same version via a web-based platform.  This solves the traditional and common problem of everyone working in separate spreadsheets.

This saves time when compiling department budgets, and allows the CFO to track, monitor and control processes more efficiently by using workflow-controls to open, close and approve the various contributions.

Changes show immediately without any surprises emerging, the CFO can instantly see the development of the budget as a whole. The total process is simply more efficient, since there is less «back and forth» between the budget contributors.

Important applications;

  • Quick identification of opportunities and risks
  • Analyses based upon «What-if» scenarios 
  • The ability to react quickly and refocus resources if necessary to achieve goals

We help you look ahead!