We offer automated reports customised to your needs

Our services

Our services

We provide and set up the systems, technology, integrations and applications that you need for effective reporting / budgeting / planning / analysis. We pick the right tools for the job, implmement them, and train you on how to use them. We support you as you need while your requirements evolve.

Get an overview of operations and activities in real-time

Access reports that give you a full overview via a simple web-based platform.

Our platform is integrated with your Accounting and Operational systems, and gives you quick access to business figures and statistics. Structured reports can be viewed and shared in a modern visual portal as well as having access to scenario planning functions. 

As an Accountant or controller, one cannot compete with machines, but one can work with them.

Time is our only non-renewable resource, something we cannot buy or store. Think about the difference you can make by creating more spare time during your day?

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A simple web-based platform gives you access to reports that give you an overview of operations and activities in real-time.


We simplify your Budgeting and Forecasting work by bringing them together in one place. Using our web-based platform users can easily enter and collect key figures in one version, saving your organisation time. Additionally, the CFO can easily control the budget entries and approve all contributions.


Our dashboards equip you for analysing present trends. We combine financial results and non-financial drivers that help you understand what makes your numbers go up and down.


With analytics, you can split, filter and distribute large amounts of data and create very specific and detailed reports based on chosen parameters.

Rolling forecast 

The use of rolling forecasts ensures that your business can show expected future results at all times, reflecting changes that occur in the market or other financial conditions.

Driver-based planning

With driver-based planning, you can identify the criteria, factors or drivers that push your results up or down.

We collect your data in one place with Uniifire

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