Meet our newest team member

Name: Mona Bokneberg
Position: Business Performance Management Consultant
Education: Bachelor in Economics and Administration (UiS), Masters of Management from BI Norwegian Business School, campus Stavanger.
Your best trait: Outgoing and positive
Who is Mona?
I see myself as an outgoing and positive person. I like to challenge myself, learn new things to stay up to date on changes in the market. In my free time, I’m very fond of traveling and appreciate the nice experiences and building good memories.
Tell us a little about your background?
With 10 years of experience in Statoil / Equinor, I have gained many years of experience in project management, planning, and reporting. I think this experience is very relevant to the new position as a Business Performance Management Consultant. In Mantle, I am responsible for the “Profitbase Planner”, which is a planning tool. I am really looking forward to working more with the product – and the customer responsibility that comes with it.
How did you end up in Mantle?
I have followed Mantle ever since they started in 2017, and experienced the exciting journey and development they have had in recent years. Mantle delivers new and innovative tools that allow everyone in the company to follow what’s happening, in addition to tailoring it to customer’s needs. Performance management and planning is relatively new in the SMB market and a very effective way of working. These are important tools for future-focused companies! When I discovered that Mantle had a vacancy, I just had to submit an application!
What are you looking forward to working on in Mantle?
I’m used to working in multinational companies that carry out large projects. In Mantle, I will be able to directly influence various processes, as well as contribute to the exciting growth of the company. I look forward to taking on small and big challenges. Creating good customer relationships, being able to contribute to a good follow-up of customers, and ensure that they are satisfied with our deliveries.
What are you passionate about?
Taking care of the Earth! For me, it’s important to think about the environment and sustainability both in private and in the work context. I try to reduce my consumption as best I can, taking care of the earth is an important focus area for me.
Do you have a fun fact about yourself?
I practice and teach yoga. In 2016, I chose to resign from a permanent position I had in Statoil, I packed my backpack and embarked on an unforgettable journey around the world. I needed a break from everyday life to find myself, something I did ? A lot of the time was spent practicing yoga and after 1 ½ year, I returned to Stavanger with a backpack full of energy and motivation. I also lived 1 year in the US where I had my own yoga studio!
What do you do to relax?
I appreciate a good movie in the corner of the sofa at home or go for a quick walk in the countryside with music in my ears. And of course, Yoga …
Which song or music do you put on when you want to get in a good mood?
I grew up with ’70s music, and I often put on Elton John, Paul McCartney / Wings / Beatles, and Fleetwood Mac to get in a good mood. I`m also weak for today’s pop.