Data collected on our platform Uniifire unlocks insight and opportunity



Release the power of your data anytime and anywhere!

With Uniifire you can simply connect applications, data, and people throughout the whole organisation automatically. This way you can achieve better results faster.

An integrated business

Use the cloud possibilities with Uniifire, Mantle’s cloud-based integration platform. Mantle offers Uniifire as an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) so your systems communicate efficiently. 

Have a full overview of your business by integrating your data from local and cloud-based applications, various data sources and units throughout the organisation, and also other organisations.

We take care of your business logic

We build integrations that support your business logic efficiently, through templates, building blocks or customised scripting.

Access your data – where and when you need it

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Uniifire for Microsoft PowerBI

Uniifire’s embedded Business Intelligence solution allows decision making based upon real data. Uniifire is an integration platform for application connection, data linking, transferring or for sharing information.

Uniifire Excel Add-in

With Uniifire Excel Add-in you can extract data from 24SevenOffice to Excel for analysis and control. This gives makes it possible to design your own reports and models customised to the company’s needs. With this solution one will always have updated information, it saves time and one avoids repetetive work. At the time being, this solution integrates with 24SevenOffice – but integrations to other ERP-systems are in the pipeline!

Navigate your integrations

Uniifire lets you manage your integrations. Understand your data quality via our customer portal. Use either pre-built or customised guidelines for access control, unlocking data, running jobs or conducting an error search – all in one place!

Uniifire Alarm Centre advantages

Keep your focus on core tasks, knowing that system-critical integrations are always working as they should.

Uniifire’s Alarm Centre takes care of your integrations by monitoring your environment and ensuring an immediate notice when there are incidents or errors.

Get a complete overview via an integration dashboard.

Our integrations are compatible with well-known Accounting and Reporting systems.

Reporting systems

Microsoft PowerBI

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based Business Intelligence solution that provides the data you need to make better decisions.

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BizView is a flexible and intuitive budget- and planning tool. Bizview gives easy access to decision makers at all levels.


Profitbase is great for budgeting and forecasting, particularly cash flow forecasting. The Profitbase platform also allows us to develop customised low code business applications.

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OneStop Reporting

OneStop Reporting offers a reporting platform that covers the company’s needs for reporting, budgeting and analysis.

Accounting systems

Operating systems

Our vision is to offer a positive contribution to your business’ development.

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