Getting data to work for you

Mantle Analytics was founded in 2017 by Laura Landmark and Espen Kringstad, and shortly after Daniel Bøhler joined as a founding partner.



Getting data to work for you

Mantle Analytics was founded in 2017 by Laura Landmark and Espen Kringstad, and shortly after Daniel Bøhler joined as a founding partner. The team identified a need in the business world for automated reporting solutions showing the ‘big picture’ – which often means feeding from multiple data sources. Development of these sort of solutions requires technical competence as well as a deep understanding of business and finance logic. This is the gap in the market we found, and this is where the Mantle journey started!  

Mantle’s mission is to increase simplicity and transparency in business by showcasing the available data in online dashboards and reports.  We automate repetitive manual tasks (abolishing cut & paste in Excel!). This enables people to serve their business better by freeing up time to add value, build relationships, innovate and create. There is no “one size fits all”​, full stop! Powerful and elegant business intelligence solutions are not something you buy, but something you build and develop over time. We collaborate with our customers to design self-service solutions that will give people the best possible insights and their business the best chance of success.

When building & implementing software we seamlessly combine financial, operational and activity data (time, CRM, project etc ) and display it in a way that makes sense, your data, your way!

Minimized risk, improved customer understanding, real time/”before time”​ decision making becomes possible when putting powerful systems to work.  Growth opportunities and breakthrough innovations are realizable when they are made from a solid, complete, intuitive & up-to-date  information source.

And where is Mantle heading? We are constantly increasing our integrations & plugins, plus extending our library of templates, dashboards & reports.  The world of data is exponentially increasing, businesses use many (not one) system in their businesses, these all need to talk, and many of them combine to reveal the current position.  We are very proud of our technology, but it is always secondary to our customers business objective.

What is the real value of Mantle?  We free up time for more thinking, and ease pressure for a better nights sleep!


What are we working on now at Mantle?

Automation and simplicity for our customers so that they can log onto our platform Uniifire and order up the right reports, solutions, or integrations ?

We set out to create breathing space for our customers by plugging them in to our cloud based ‘connector box’, formally known as Uniifire.

Uniifire gets your systems talking and your data working, it cuts through the noise & throws up the facts, your facts, for high quality, intuitive, real-time decision making. Uniifire is a Microsoft Azure based integration & management reporting platform, built by Mantle and hosted by our fantastic partners Ironstone.

Azure was the ONLY choice for us, this outstanding technology means we can scale your solution up and down as needed, EFFICIENT, FAST, POWERFUL… and CORRECT! ?


Mantle is a fusion of finance and technology. We offer solid technological solutions that connect people and data so that you can make good business decisions quickly. The back-end work we do with the data feeds into user friendly reporting and visualisation tools.

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