Make sure your company is constantly working towards the goals that are set, and make good decisions based on the ready-made data base that is available when you need it. Read more about how we have solved the need for other customers here.


Take the pulse of the company with a single keystroke! We help you easily set up cash flow forecasts, easy-to-use dashboards and custom reports – without having to dive into Excel sheets or systems that do not talk to each other.


The role of the controller has changed from being a number cruncher to acting more as an advisor in
the organization. Traditional tools like Excel do not provide the best opportunities to fulfill today’s
needs. Modern tools allow you to quickly create valuable monthly reports and dashboards
financial insight.

Junior Executive

Take out reports that are linked to the department and project – and show an overall picture of your organization! Do you often develop reports yourself? Will there be many systems and Excel sheets to juggle? Let Mantle help you with a system that can work for you! We build custom dashboards and you can retrieve forecasts as needed.