Frequently Asked Questions about Uniifire Excel Add-in

Who is Uniifire Excel Add-in for?

Uniifire Excel Add-in suits all 24SevenOffice users as their ERP system – internally in one’s own business or for clients. The plug-in solution is perfect for CFO’s and Controllers responsible for analysing data.


Which reports can be made in Uniifire Excel Add-in?

Uniifire Excel Add-in gives many possibilities for report buidling, both for ad-hoc reporting and for period closing reports! Perfect for import of data, data cleansing, updating and analysis. Simply operate your data using graphs and pivot tables, etc. 


Do I build my own reports in Uniifire Excel Add-in?

With Uniifire Excel-Add-in one can quickly and in a simple way build reports and models. If you do not wish or have the competence to do this yourself, our consultans are happy to help you build reports according to your needs.  


Does Uniifire Excel Add-in support other ERP and Accounting systems than 24SevenOffice?

As of now, Uniifire Excel Add-in supports only 24SevenOffice. Integrations to other  ERP systems are under development. Would you like us to keep you updated on new integrations, functions, support and also receive tips & tricks about Uniifire Excel Add-in?

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How much does Uniifire Excel Add-in cost?

We offer a free 30 day trial of Uniifire Excel Add-in so you can test the solution and see if it suits you and your business. After the trial period expires, you can choose from the three following packages:

3 months
NOK 149
6 months
NOK 129
12 months
NOK 99
Free 30 day trial

How do I start using Uniifire Excel Add-in?

Her is an overview on how to use Uniifire Excel Add-in for 24SevenOffice: