Customer testimonials


Value and Mantle have worked together the past year to implement a BI solution that Value can use for all its customers. Value has several offices in Norway, and it is important for us that we have a robust system and a competent partner to ensure that we have the best solution for our customers and that we receive good training and assistance from our partner.

In addition to our main platform we have several customers who need their own customised versions of the solution. Mantle have been absolutely critical for us in making this happen in the most effective way, both for us as supplier and customer. Beyond this, we see it as important to have a flexible partner and system supplier for set-ups and integrations. Mantle and Bizview have done a brilliant combined job for us.

– Bård Andreas Hansen, Managing Director

Aktiva Solsiden 

Mantle provided me with excellent support in my first meeting with the OneStop Reporting designer tool, while having the knowledge to back me up whenever a query or problem occurred. OneStop Reporting is a great tool for anyone in need of a wide range of reports. The designer tool presents infinite possibilities.

Rickard Særsten, Accountant


Mantle has strong expertise in OneStop Reporting. They have built us a consolidation solution that reduces the amount of hours to work with our numbers manually. This frees up time to concentrate on strategic and foward-focused work.

– Tormod Rosseid, Cheif Group Accountant DSD AS


Like many others, our industry is constantly evolving and with a continuous need to adopt innovative digital solutions. Mantle Analytics’ solution, Uniifire, enables us to easily digitise the services we provide to our customers (follow-up of invoices, reminders & debt collection).

It is now easier for us to set up new customers with seamless integrations, where the entire process from establishing to completion of new cases and everything in between goes automatically. This involves all processes from payments, follow-up and book-keeping, which means that we streamline both our own internal processes as well as the customers’/accountants’ processes. A win-win situation for all.

We experience a high demand for this particular solution and an increasing degree of sales. The solution enables us to grow faster.

– Rune Sørmo,Sales Director


We found both Laura and Espen to be highly knowledgeable and proved the be the professionals we needed.

Their work has simplified our reporting routines and has automated our consolidated report a great deal. This saves us a lot of time.

Time we can now spend controlling and working with the numbers.

– Christian Bjørnsen, CFO

KAPH Entreprenør AS

Mantle were quick at understanding our needs, and to find a solution to our challenges. They have proved to be very good at observing and assessing what should and what needs to be done. They are proactive with following up, and quick to make adjustments where necessary.

We thought we knew what we wanted, but Mantle managed to specify the challenges related to that and found an alternative satisfactory solution in a short time.

– Stein Voldbakken, System manager


I had the pleasure of working with Laura in my previous employment. She created a detailed weekly cash flow forecast with backup and supporting reports.  Her ability to listen, understand our challenges and customize tailored solutions for us impressed me.

A flexible and user-friendly solution was created and implemented that gave us good control and allowed us to predict our cash balance 13 months in advance. This was critically important during our growth phase. Meetings with the Board and the Bank become significantly easier with good reports that could be easily retrieved.

Tone Bakken Bengtson, General Manager

Q10 Personell

With the help of Mantle Analytics, Q10 Personell has received tailored reports that provide the company with a thorough and highly visible status over our operations. The setup works seamlessly with our financial system PowerOfficeGo, and the comprehensive reports are generated in seconds.

This saves us valuable time and provides a solid basis for decision making avoiding manual errors. The team at Mantle Analytics have impressed us with their business understanding, technical know-how and their ability to quickly set themselves in to our requirements and meet our needs. This means we feel safe in recommending Mantle Analytics to all our customers and the networks in which we move.

– Kjetil Gustavson, former CEO 


CityMaid uses BizView for Management reporting. I was recommended Mantle Analytics by our ERP partner when we were in the process of changing our ERP system. This forced a need to to rebuild the entire reporting module. Mantle has delivered a brilliant product to us. They showed great understanding of our operation and came up with suggestions for improvements along the way. They always deliver on time and their products are very good. I can highly recommend Mantle!


– Bente Gustavsen, CFO 


Mantle’s platform Uniifire has helped us automate reporting, in addition to providing new insight into our mass of data. We have a
very good dialogue, and we do not hesitate to recommend them to others

– Per Christian L. Johansen, CTO 


The transition to HubSpot via Mantle where they integrated our Accounting program Tripletex has made my job easier. The issues I had and changes I wanted were fixed by Mantle in a fast and efficient way. They took our issues seriously and now it works great.

– Kenneth Haga, Office Administrator