Portrettbilde av Noel Molohon
Business Intelligence & Performance Management Consultant
+47 911 92 466

Noel is systematic, committed and dedicated, and always looking for optimal solutions in any context.

He thoroughly acquaints himself with the issues he is working with, and then carefully considers the available alternatives. He has a great interest in the field of Economics, and always strives to convey his ideas in a good way. His main focus is that the users should have a solution that serves their purpose, and that they are happy with.

Noel has studied Economics and Administration at BI Norwegian Business School, with a professional specialisation in Applied Macroeconomics. In parallel with his studies, he has worked for a small, newly started company where he has established all the accounting routines and systems for general financial management.  Noel acts as a senior business intelligence and performance management consultant in Mantle.

Noel is from Stavanger, where he also lives.