Portrettbilde av Espen Kringstad
Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Co-Founder
+47 918 91 739

Espen is the leader of the day to day operations of Mantle, including product and solution development.

 Espen is engaged with linking business, finance and technology to facilitate access to business insights. He specializes in system architecture, data integration and building solutions, but most of all he enjoys making life easier for customers so that their days are more rewarding and fun.

In recent years, Espen has worked as a technical consultant and developer. He implements CPM (Corporate Performance Management) solutions, as well as the undertaking the design and implementation of customized data warehouse solutions to meet customers’ reporting needs. 

He has extensive experience with ERP systems, and has worked with various Visma applications, Microsoft Dynamics and 24SevenOffice, Tripletex, PowerOffice Go & Xledger among others.

Espen is based in Oslo.