About Mantle™

Our vision is to make a positive impact on your company’s development

About Mantle™


Mantle ™ is a fusion of finance and technology started in Stavanger in 2017. We offer solid technological solutions that connect people and data so that you can make good business decisions quickly. The back-end work we do with the data feeds into user friendly reporting and visualisation tools.


Customer testimonials


Mantle Analytics AS's solution, Uniifire, enables us to more easily digitise the services we deliver to our customers. We experience that the market has a high demand for this particular solution and we are experiencing an increasing degree of sales. The solution enables us to grow faster.

Rune Sørmo, Sales Director


Mantle has shown that they possess a high level of knowledge on OneStop Reporting and come up with useful and valuable solutions.

Stein Hugo Heske, Authorised accountant/System administrator


Value have multiple offices in Norway, and it is important for us that we have a system and a partner that ensures that we provide the best solution for our customers, and that we get good training and assistance from our partner.

Bård Andreas Hansen, General Manager


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Co-Founder
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Chief Technical Officer (CTO) & Co-Founder
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Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Co-Founder
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Business Development Director
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Business Intelligence & Performance Management Consultant
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Terje Hauan - Styreleder i Mantle