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With our solutions, you save time, gain quick and valuable insight into the company, and the opportunity to simulate different outcomes for further planning.

Our integration platform, Uniifire, sits on top of financial and operating systems to gather comprehensive and fresh figures ready for reporting.

Reports, budgets, dashboards and forecasts can be displayed in a simple web based customer portal. All our solutions can be easily adapted and tailored.

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Mantle has shown that they possess a high level of knowledge on OneStop Reporting and come up with useful and valuable solutions.

Stein Hugo Heske, Authorised accountant/System administrator Stein Hugo Heske
Value have multiple offices in Norway, and it is important for us that we have a system and a partner that ensures that we provide the best solution for our customers, and that we get good training and assistance from our partner.

Bård Andreas Hansen, General Manager Bård Andreas Hansen

Some of our clients

«Days of waiting till long after month-end to extract historical business information are over! We set you up with a web based intelligent self-service/on demand reporting system»

Why is this important?

Competitiveness among companies has led to higher demand for holistic reporting that unifies various areas of the business, to give a complete overview and better understanding of your position.

Today, reporting is not only about historical data, it must include relevant up-to-date, and forward-looking information. This gives you the opportunity to monitor operations and activities in real-time.

We can create reports in your selected format and style – and with exactly the information you want to see. Our technology allows us to automate the entire reporting process so that all stakeholders get their information presented in a way that makes sense to them.

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Our platform collects all your data in one place. This solution makes planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis and reporting easy to execute and view in a web-based and user-friendly portal.

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Our systems


Our platform collects all your data in one place. This solution makes planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis and reporting easy to execute and view in a web based and user-friendly portal.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based Business Intelligence solution that provides the data you need to make better decisions.


BizView is a flexible and intuitive budget- and planning tool.

Bizview gives easy access to critical information to decision makers.


Profitbase is great for budgeting and forecasting, particularly cash flow forecasting. The Profitbase platform also allows us to develop customised low code business applications.

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OneStop Reporting

OneStop Reporting offers a reporting platform that covers the company’s needs in reporting, budgeting and analysis.

The founders

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Co-Founder
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Chief Technical Officer (CTO) & Co-Founder
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Portrettbilde av Espen Kringstad
Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Co-Founder
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Welcome to our blog – a regular publication by Mantle, with a focus on business growth, business value, decision making and performance management, in other words, all things that make a business better.  Today’s edition is written by Laura Landmark. 

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Meet our newest team member, Kiran Patil

We are very excited to announce that we have a new employee on the Mantle team! Kiran Patil has completed his Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science and is carrying extensive experience in Web Software Development and Engineering. Kiran is our new Senior Developer.